Monday, October 10, 2011

Turning a Rock into a Car

So, you’ve all heard of the game Bigger or Better? Perhaps you’ve even heard of One Red Paperclip, where a guy traded up from a paperclip until he got a house? Our entrepreneur lecture class is playing a massive game of Bigger or Better with goals just as outrageous as a house from a paperclip.

We’ve got a rock. It’s a cool rock. Jennifer found it while she was running this week.

We want a car. It doesn’t have to be super nice or anything, just as long as it runs decently well and isn’t totally beaten up. You know, a typical college student car is acceptable. A really nice, new car would be even better! Or a sports car! When you’ve got a rock, you can dream anything.

In class, Clarissa (me), Michelle, and Jennifer joined forces in our goal to turn a rock into a car in two weeks. That’s right, we have a deadline – the last trade must be completed by October 22 at noon.

This blog - - will chronicle our trades for the next two weeks. Tonight Michelle and Jennifer are going to trade our rock for at least three new items so that tomorrow we can branch out and make multiple trades at once.

The blog will also be a place for people in the Provo, Utah area to offer trades. We are limited to the Utah Valley because we aren’t allowed to pay for anything other than gas (including no shipping). Please comment and offer anything you’re willing to trade. Most importantly – let us know if you’d be willing to trade a car and what you would be willing to trade for it.

Keep posted over these next two weeks – I’ll be updating daily at the least this week and hopefully over the weekend as well. It’s gonna get crazy!

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